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2024 Schedule Is Opening

Winterfest 2024

We will be operating during Winterfest February 2-4, 2024, just off the shoreline of Lake Geneva WI.  During this event, hovercraft flights will be on a first come, first serve basis. Ticket booking will be  100 yards offshore in our famous 'Red Ticket Booth". Rides are weather & ice dependent from 9 am - 4;45 pm. 

Ulmers MN Ride.JPG


Hovercraft fly on an 8-inch cushion of air making the vehicle capable of safely traveling on land, water, ice, thin & broken ice and any relatively smooth surface.


Our pilots are Master Operators with thousands of hours of experience ensuring you have the best possible ride. 

Interesting Fact: Fire departments prefer hovercraft for ice rescue because they can safely traverse any thickness  of ice safely & securely.

2023 full load.jpg


Our typical ride is 12-15 minutes and covers 5-8 miles. Experience 360 spins, backwards flight, side slides and much more.  Feel free to take a picture before the ride either in the cockpit or in front of the hovercraft. This experience is perfect for passengers of all ages.



Keep your friends and family warm and out of the elements in our fully enclosed climate controlled cockpit. Temperature inside is 65 - 70 degrees. Our bubble canopy allows unrestricted views.

2024 Schedule Coming Soon


Hovercraft Ride Facts

How long is the ride? Rides are 10 - 12 minutes in duration and cover 4 -5+ miles. Custom charters are available.  


How fast does it go? While the hovercraft is capable of 60+ mph, top speed on your ride will be about 30 mph.


How many passengers can ride at one time? Our cockpit holds 6-7 passengers depending on whether they are children or adults. 

What is the cost? Adults (12 & Older) are $42. Children are $35. Lap children are free.


Where do the rides operate from? Lake Geneva WI, on the ice. We are directly across the street from Harbor Shores Hotel. On Street parking is available. You will see our signs and Red ticket booth. 

Still have questions? Please contact us, we are happy to answer any questions you may have: 779-774-8069, text the same number or email


How do I book? Book online by clicking a "Book Now" button, call us at 779-774-8069, text the same number or email Walk ups are welcome, however booking guarantees your seat. 


Fly with us in LeClaire Iowa


Sue     9/2/23

We really enjoyed the ride!  I posted it on my Facebook page, and got many positive responses from friends, they want to try it!

Steph     9/3/23

Greetings-we had a blast on the hovercraft ride-loved the time you took toanswer questions and let us take pics on the little sand area. Very cool!!
We enjoyed our whole trip to LeClaire.

Thanks again-

Eric     9/3/23

Our hovercraft pilot was the most skilled  I've ever seen on the Mississippi River. I will do again. 

Awesome - Eric

Fly with us in LeClaire Iowa

Megan    9/12/23

My husband, 9 year old daughter and I  took a tour last weekend and really enjoyed it. It was nice to see some of the backwater channels and lots of water foul. Different than just a regular speedboat. The captain took us through some very shallow areas and even over some sand. Fun experience for my family. 

Chad     9/12/23

I was woried about the "360 spin" portion of the ride. Nothing to worry about. Its smooth and graceful. I will do this again with more of my friends. 

Send us your comments!

Good evening!!
My son and I enjoyed our Hovercraft ride.
We will take your recommendation to do it again in the future under better
weather & water conditions!! Thanks so much!!


David & Chris J.

We really enjoy reding them. Tell us what you like  and what we can improve. 

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