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Fly Hovercraft Media

Commercials, TV Shows, Movies

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Fly Hovercraft specializes in providing hovercraft services and pilots to the TV commercial, TV show, and movie industry. Our fleet of hovercraft is available for rental, photoshoots, music videos, blockbuster films and commercial productions. With years of experience under our belt, we offer the expertise and know-how to take your production up a notch. Let us handle all your hovercraft needs and provide you with the highest level of service and professionalism.

Some of our accomplishments: 

Newest Addition: Red Bull Media. Fly Hovercraft worked with Red Bull at the F1 Las Vegas race providing 3 Renegade hovercraft for a video production on a dry lakebed in the Nevada desert. Check out the finished video here: 

Hovering isn't easy, Max Verstappen:  


TV Shows

Discovery Channel – Mythbusters

Discovery Channel – Daily Planet

Discovery Channel – Junkyard Wars

Discovery Channel – Tech Toys 360

Travel Channel – Ride-iculous

National Geographic – Rivermen

Science Channel – Mega Machines

Speed Channel – Speed Makers

MTV – Megadrive

MTV – Fantasy Factory

Brazilian TV – Auto-Esporte

Popular Mechanics – Jeff Weise reporting


Other Media

Red Bull Media - Unserious Race

Microsoft – Windows Commercial shoot

Old Spice – Commercial shoot

Agent Cody banks – Movie

History Channel – Episodes

CMT – Episodes


Our Hovercraft Fleet

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