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Universal Hovercraft Training

18SPW water trail turn.jpg

We train in all models of Universal Hovercraft vehicles. Single passenger models such as the 10F, 10F2 and 10T2. Single engine hovercraft including 13P, 14P, 16S, 18SP, 18SPW and 26S. Training covers all aspects of operation including trip planning, pre-flight inspections, proper cockpit loading, planning for departure, getting over hump, sliding turns, plowing, emergency stopping, clearing the skirt, in-flight trimming, high speed operation, high speed emergency maneuvering, unloading and loading on trailer.


Depending on the skill level of the pilot and their goals, training can be set for one day 4 -8 hours or up to 5 days and 40 hours of training. Advanced pilots may choose to more training hours in separate consecutive or non-consecutive sessions.

Winter training on ice, water, snow, above freezing and below freezing available. 


Maintenance training is also available. Basic training includes inspecting fundamentals, checking fluids, drive systems, propellers, fans, bearings, skirt maintenance and controls maintenance.

Advanced training includes the above and propeller / fan repair and balancing, changing alignments, adjusting belt tensions, major skirt repair, skirt replacement and epoxy / fiberglass technique.

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