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UH - 14P Hovercraft

UH-14P Right Side.jpg
UH-14P Front View.jpg

The AF - 46 features elegant design, ergonomic seating, impressive performance and seats 46 passengers in luxury. The cabin features a split-level design. The main cabin is spacious enough to seat 36 passengers, the upper cabin/cockpit area seats 10 passengers, the pilot & navigator. 

Standard passenger seats recline & feature arm rests, table trays and magazine pockets. The cabin aisle is 1.25 meters (49") wide. 

Amenities; There’s a built-in HEAD (toilet) and a small room for a galley or storage. Powered by three 500hp turbo diesel engines. 

This unit is 95% complete. When the new owner is found the hovercraft will be test flown then fitted with a finished interior per the customer’s specification.

UH-14P Racing.jpg
UH-14P rear View.jpg


Craft Length:                                        14 feet

Craft Width:                                          81 inches

Craft Height:                                         54 inches

Cabin Length:                                       148 inches

Cabin Width:                                         48 inches


Cushion Height:                                   9 - 10 inches

Payload:                                                 600 lbs

Max. Passengers:                                3

Max speed:                                         40+ mph

Cruise Speed:                                    30 mph

UH-14P Cockpit.jpg
Hovercraft Triler.jpg

Hovercraft Particulars

For sale is a very nice twin engine 2-man hovercraft. A modified UH-14P, this craft can be used as a cruiser or quickly changed over to F35 racing configuration. The cockpit has been widened from the typical UH style to a more spacious Weber style, allowing for more storage and quick draining. The hull is made of foam and fiberglass, with minimal wood.

• 27hp Kohler thrust engine-electric start

• 8hp Briggs & Stratton Lift engine-electric & pull start

• Operates over land/water/snow/ice.

• 40MPH on water; >40mph on ice

• 8 inch hover height

• Hull measures 14ft long (with rudders) x 6ft wide This is a versatile hovercraft that features many unique and one-of-a-kind design features. The intent has been to incorporate features to help make this as quiet as possible, such as:

• Driving the thrust prop from behind rather than in front. This reduces the hardware in front of the prop that creates turbulent airflow, then noise. • A (Dean Pollee designed) scimitar (curved) prop design.

• Individual mufflers for each thrust engine cylinder.

• A removable carbon-fiber “hood” around the lift engine. Other design features include:

• A roll bar built within the thrust duct.

• Joystick steering with a push-pull cable.

• A ground-adjustable elevator.

• Dual throttles.

• Safety lanyards for each engine (required for racing).

• Full thrust prop and lift fan guarding (Complies with HCA guarding requirements).

• Bag skirt. • Tachometer/ Hour meter for each engine.

• Aux power outlet

• Grab handles on the sides for securing/ handling. This hovercraft comes with these additional items:

• Aluminum tilt-bed trailer with winch.

• Spare trailer tire.

 • Racing seat & cruising seat.

• 6 gallon cruising fuel tank with quick disconnects.

• 3 gallon racing fuel tank with quick disconnects.

• Fire Extinguisher

• Paddle

• Safety Whistle


The big bonus for this hovercraft is that it comes with a full size 3D bag skirt tool. When the time comes for a new skirt, just drape the fabric over this tool and assemble a new one! I will show you how. The tool was made to fit this hovercraft, so skirt replacement just got easy! Located in SW Michigan. More pictures and videos available. No trades.  


Price:   $ 8,000

UH-14P Skirt template.jpg
UH-14P Lift engine.jpg

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