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Hoverwing for Sale
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19XR Sport & 19XRW Hoverwing Description

This Hoverwing was completed in 2011 by Universal Hovercraft. The hovercraft is configured to give a comfortable ride to 5-6 passengers. It’s loaded with all of the options you need while dominating the land, water and air. Perfect unit for anyone interested in a performance hovercraft. Flying is optional.

Options include; full instrumentation, GPS chart-plotter, air conditioning, 12V power outlets, 20’ wings, cockpit heat, LED headlights, and navigation lights, flying tail system and short hovercraft rudder system.

The Hoverwing is a convertible, from 19XRW from a ground effect vehicle to the 19XR, to a high-performance hovercraft. Removing the wings takes about 15 minutes. Wings can be stored onboard the hovercraft while operating or while trailering.

Flying in ground-effect enables you to clear obstacles and fly over rough water at speeds in excess of 75 mph. Cruise altitude is 1 meter (3 feet) to 2 meters (6 feet) and the craft can jump up to 7 meters (20+ feet) to clear large obstacles. 

Cockpit is configured with an adjustable pilot seat in front and two bench style seats in the rear for passengers. Control is through a joystick connected to the rudders and elevator. Throttle is controlled through a twist grip with friction lock with cruise control capability.

It’s powered by a 150 horsepower, 4-stroke, turbo charged Subaru engine. These engines are reliable, easy to maintain and fuel efficient. Engine has 65 hours of operation since rebuild.

For full details download the specification sheet at the bottom of this page titled "10XR & 19XRW Specifications File". This file contains detailed specifications of the Hovercraft & Hoverwing. 

Hovercraft Facts

Dual use Vehicle: This hovercraft is designed to work very well both as a hovercraft and a Hoverwing.  In fact many customers prefer to keep the vehicle in hovercraft mode while they build confidence. It is the best performing hovercraft (hover mode) in its class and one of the only production ground effect craft ever produced. 

How long does it take to convert or setup as a Hovering? Installing the wings takes about 20 minutes. Wing removal is about 20 minutes. 

What is the cost to operate? In hovercraft mode the cost is about $ 30 / hour including fuel and maintenance. Hoverwing mode (flying) can burn more fuel increasing operating cost is about $40 / hour. 

How is it transported? It comes with a top of the line self launch trailer. Vehicle can be deployed and loaded on land or water. Wings are easily transportable on the trailer.   

How long does it take to learn to operate? Training is included. Most people can learn to operate in hovercraft mode safely within 4-6 hours. Hoverwing operation comes naturally to most trained pilots. Learning to operate in Hoverwing mode with no prior training takes 12-16 hours. 


Composite Construction

The hull is manufactured from Kevlar & carbon fiber over a foam core using the latest in composites technology. This construction method achieves a lightweight high strength structure that is perfectly suited for operations over the most difficult terrain. The foam core provides 3,500 pounds of positive floatation making the craft un-sinkable. Kevlar & carbon fiber skins are impact resistant and will hold up in the toughest operating conditions including extreme cold and heat.

It's in Perfect Condition

Hovercraft has been stored indoors in a headed facility since new. Kept in perfect operating (factory maintenance) condition since new. Propeller and fan are in perfect condition and will be inspected before delivery to buyer. Skirt is also in excellent condition. Trailer fitted with new aluminum deck. Like new condition. Vehicle located near Lake Tahoe Nevada. 



Operate on land, water, snow, ice, mud, shallow water, asphalt and any relatively smooth terrain.



Air speed indicator, tachometer, oil pressure, water temp, voltage, fuel gauge, hour meter, Chart-plotter GPS, VHF radio, Sterio system and air conditioning vents.



Pilot seat in front of cockpit, bench seating for 4-5 passengers in the rear.

Sport Mode Gallery


19XR Sport - Hovercraft Mode
The video below is a hovercraft of the same exact type operating in hovercraft mode. 

19XR Sport


Contact us for more detail or questions

Sale Price: $89,000
Professional Training Included



Operational specifications of the 19XR Sport hovercraft and 19XRW Hoverwing. File is downloadable .pdf

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