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Costal Pro Hovercraft

The Coastal Pro is one of the quietest production hovercraft at only 74db. It is ideal for any commercial application and has amazing control for a twin-engine craft. Available for a range of operations from pleasure cruising to utility surveys, it has excellent, economical fuel consumption and ample power to negotiate tough terrain.

Also used as a recreational hovercraft, The Coastal Pro really is a hovercraft for all applications.

Costal Pro Parked on Beach.jpg
Costal Pro Front Riew.jpg


Maximum Speed - Approx 35mph/56km/h
Cruising Speed - Approx 25mph/40km/h
Range/Endurance - Approx 3 hours - 80miles/128kms
Payload - Up to 770lbs/350kgs
Passengers - No more than 4, subject to weight limitation.
Overload Capacity - Approx 880lbs/400kgs
Length - 13'8"/4.3m
Width - 7'0"/2.10m   
Height - 5'6"/1.7m
Weight - Approx 815lbs/370kgs
Engines - 993cc & 540cc
Sound - 70dbA (25m) at cruising speed. Maximum 78dbA at full power (loudest possible reading)
Operating Conditions - Preferably no more than an 18-24” ‘chop’ depending on load etc.

Costal Pro left rear.jpg
Costal Pro Side view.jpg

Owner Specifics:

 Less then 20 hours total time. 

Located in Georgia near Atlanta.

Comes with Triton Aluminum Trailer.

Garage kept, always 

New cover included 

Invested $40,000. Asking $29,500

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