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UH - 22IC Hovercraft


This UH-22IC Hovercraft was built in 2006 by a very experienced hovercraft builder. Construction is from plywood laminated in fiberglass.  Floatation is solid foam bonded into lower hull which reinforces the structure. The cockpit is removable so the hovercraft can be used for cargo transport or other industrial applications. Skirt has very low hours. 

Hovercraft is operational condition. it can use some attention to bring it back up to tip top shape. Great fix up project for someone interested in getting into a large hovercraft at low cost. 

Works great in rough water.

$ 8,995


Craft Length:                                        22 feet

Craft Width:                                          102 inches

Craft Height:                                         74 inches

Cabin Length:                                       105 inches

Cabin Width:                                         62 inches


Cushion Height:                                   12 inches

Payload:                                                 2,500 lbs

Max. Passengers:                                10

Max speed:                                         55+ mph

Cruise Speed:                                    35 mph

Thrust engine:                                    2.2L Subaru, 100 hp

Lift engine:                                          35 hp Kawasaki

Thrust propeller:                                74 inch

Lift fan:                                                34 inch

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